• Priority Engaged: OUR TOP PRIORITY.  Your company engages our search consultants to locate a candidate for a future point in time.  Our fee is computed at 25% of first year's base salary only.  A $5,000 non-refundable deposit is required to initiate the search.  The remainder is due when the candidate begins employment.


  • Contingency: We refer candidates who most closely match your company's requirements. If you hire someone we've presented, our fee is 30% of anticipated first year's total compensation. If you hire someone through another source, no fee is due.


  • Basic (Fill-A-Job) : Just need a quick recruitment plan?  We will screen, qualify and present candidates who meet your basic qualifications . This eliminates the Permanent Placement fee most recruiters charge.


  • Sourcing & Screening: We source, screen and qualify employees that you hire directly.  Unlimited positions.  Any titles.  (no, Really!!!) You pay a small monthly fee and avoid the hourly mark-up or placement fee when you hire our candidates.  We become an extension of your Human Resource department.  Think of us as your HR consultant and off-site Recruiters - saving you time and money.  It is easy to budget and reduces your Cost per hire.
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