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Alan G. Bauer 
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Jul 11, 2018
Steps to Hiring the Right People for Your Business
The well-worn business admonishment to "hire slow but fire fast" makes a lot of sense. The wisdom is that if "hire slow", we take adequate time to carefully explore a potential candidate's personality, work style, skills, competencies ...
Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring New Employees
When you’re trying to hire a new employee, what you see on paper is never the whole story. In fact, what you see on paper can be downright ...
All Business
5 CEOs share their best productivity tips
When you're running a growing company, many issues compete for your attention. From human resources priorities to operational issues to growth ...
Fast Company
Brick-And-Mortar Retail Isn't Dead
Toys "R" Us, which closed the last batch of its U.S. stores just over a week ago, has left behind not only nostalgia but also hundreds of empty ...
Here’s how you can predict the job performance of a potential hire
Hiring a candidate is crucial as you need to ensure that the employee adds value to the organization, the employee understands the needs ...
People Matters
Summer Reading: 8 Business Books – in Pictures
A selection of books perfect for your commute — or the beach. In his new book, Andrew Santella explores procrastination, and why it is ...
Strategy + Business
To Drive Change, Let Your Customers Be the Messengers
Before I was a parent, I was a youth leader for high school-age young people. As individuals, they had unique personalities, skills ...
E-Commerce Time
What to Do When Your Growth Has Stalled
In the startup world, growth is everything. Companies that don't grow don't survive. So, if you're an entrepreneur craving faster growth, having ...
Transitioning Someone on Your Team into a New Leadership Role
You can't expect your people to figure out how to be great managers all by themselves. They are going to need your guidance and support. No one ...
How Agile Teams Can Help Turnarounds Succeed
Agile — the management approach that relies on small, entrepreneurial, close-to-the-customer teams — has a reputation that reflects its rapid ...
Harvard Business Review
The rise of Talent Assessment Technology
Assessing employees against pre-defined measures for a said position is an age-old practice. The science of assessments, however, is relatively new ...
People Matters
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