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Alan G. Bauer 
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Nov 21, 2018
Test If Candidates Are Problem Solvers Or Problem Bringers
Problem bringers bring problems because it’s how they’re attitudinally wired to behave. Getting these low performers to change isn’t easy, and while coaching instead of managing when employees bring you problems is the best approach ...
4 Things You Should Do When Hiring Your Next Employee
Let's face it: job searches are tough. It doesn't matter if you're the applicant or the hiring manager -- the process is confusing, difficult ...
Motivating Your Most Creative Employees
In any team or organization, some individuals are consistently more likely to come up with ideas that are both novel and useful. These ideas ...
Harvard Business Review
Try a New Hiring Framework to Attract Knowledge Stars
In an era when change is constant and innovation prized, idea people are key drivers of modern business. These workers accumulate knowledge in a tacit fashion ...
Strategy + Business
The future of artificial intelligence in retail
Hype around artificial intelligence has never been higher — and one industry where it has a chance to make a major impact on profits is retail ...
Business Insider
5 ways you can hide your nerves when giving a speech
What's the reaction you have when you see a speaker who's nervous? Chances are, you probably catch the feeling, feel their suffering, and cringe ...
Fast Company
The Best Ways to Get Customers to Pay Attention
I don't have to tell you how difficult it is to find and attract customers online. With millions and millions of businesses all vying for ...
E-Commerce Time
Takeaways From the Biggest Mastermind Event of 2018
I recently attended the annual Genius Network event in Phoenix, Arizona. Genius Network is a high-level entrepreneurial mastermind group founded ...
Important Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Franchise
Did you know that you must go through an interview in order to invest in a franchise? If you want to become a franchisee, your first order of ...
Value the People Who Are Key to Your Business
The true test of your values is having and living them -- understanding what those values are, which ones are absolute, and which ones can ...
3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Level
With customer satisfaction levels plummeting in the retail sector, many store owners may be tempted to make sweeping changes to address the ...
The Startup Magazine
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